4 things that can make a small office space look bigger

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However, to help you figure out how to make the most of your workspace, we have set out 4 different ways that are:

1) Keep the space clutter-free

Often piles of paper generate clutter and mounts around your desk, on top of cupboards and almost everywhere you lay your eyes. At an office that is already lacking space, this can be its downfall, making it look and feel smaller than it already is. It is of paramount importance to keep things clean and throw away or shred things that are not necessary.

However, we understand that some documents still need to exist in hard form, especially those that contain important and sensitive information. Such documents can be stored online or back them up on USB or hard drives.

2) Add some colour to the room

Different colours have different effects. For instance, blue has calming effects and yellow is often related to positive energy and happiness. Several office architects in Mumbai suggest when opting for colours, keep in mind how it can affect the place and make you feel. Opting for dark colours can make the space feel even smaller, so steer away from such colours and maybe opt for white or blue as they create a sense of being fresh and open.

However, when thinking of flooring consider the opposite. Darker the better as it makes the floor appear to extend further than it actually does.

3) Make room for light, be it natural or artificial

Poor light can lead to a very similar effect as dark colours, it makes the workplace look smaller than it is. If your aim is for the office to look bigger, make sure that there is immense light. Be it artificial or natural. However, when installing additional lighting, make sure to pick wall lights. Although floor lamps can look aesthetically pleasing, they take up space which is something you don’t want.

4) Mirrors can create the illusion of light and space

In case you did not know, a simple mirror can have an immense effect on the workplace. It not only creates an illusion of space, but the mirror can also make the room look brighter by reflecting light. Office architects in Mumbai suggest that before installing the mirror, the size and shape of it should be considered.

Final Note

Trying to make the office space appear longer and bigger doesn’t have to cost the earth, opt for the above-mentioned points and see the difference. You can also seek help from some of the best office architects in Mumbai to gain a better understanding.

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Top 5 Tips to Select the Right Plasma Cutting Consumables

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Choosing the correct plasma cutting consumables is one of the significant steps in ensuring a perfect plasma cutting operation. If not chosen correctly, poorly fitted consumable parts can have a major impact on cutting performance. Damaged or poorly fitted consumables can result in blow-outs, melting, and oddly pitted areas around the nozzles. This is why consumables must be fitted correctly, or else nozzles and body won’t contract that can damage the consumables.

You can avoid these mishaps by selecting the right plasma cutting consumables like hypertherm powermax 45 consumables, hypertherm plasma cutter swirl ring, hypertherm powermax 65 parts, and more. Keep reading this blog post, where we have discussed the top five tips to select the right plasma cutting consumables.

Choose the Right Consumables
The first and foremost tip is to select the right consumables for your machine. You might think, what kind of a tip is it? Isn’t this pretty obvious? Well, the answer is both yes and no. You would be surprised to know how many times people pick up the wrong consumables and install them. For instance, the requirement is of hypertherm powermax 45 consumables and you by mistake picked up hypertherm powermax 65 parts. It’s mainly because many consumables look similar. To avoid this, you can verify if the consumables part numbers match the numbers shown in the operator’s manual.

Set Amperage as per Your Consumables
The amperage that you choose is based on the amperage of your nozzle. That’s the reason why you won’t find the amperage details in the charts or manual. For instance, if you’re using a 60-amp nozzle, then you should set the amp to 60 as well.

You should ensure that you don’t set the amperage lower than the nozzle requirement. Because if you do it, it will generate a low-density cost that can prevent plasma arc from penetrating the material. At the same time, you should not exceed the amperage value more than the capacity of consumables. If you fail to do it, then it will wear down the nozzle quickly.

Setting a higher amperage will offer you a faster cutting rate. In comparison, the lower amperage will offer a better quality of cut.

Know When to Choose Shielded and Unshielded Consumables
You should choose unshielded consumables if your CNC machine does not have ohmic sensing. Similarly, you should go for shielded consumables if your CNC cutting table comes with an ohmic sensing circuit that determines the location of the surface with the use of electrical contact with the material and shield.

Use the Proper Pierce and Cut Height
Maintaining height control is essential once the machine starts cutting. If the height of the torch gets increases even by 0.0005 inches, then you’ll see wider kerf, angularity, dross, warpage on thin materials. Similarly, if the torch is a little closer, then the materials are bound to collide.

Along with the cut height, you also have to maintain the pierce height to ensure the longevity of consumables’ life. High piercing can prematurely damage the nozzle. Whereas, with the low pierce height, the splatter blown can damage the nozzle. The suitable height for piercing is half of two times the distance between work and torch.

Check Arc Voltage Measurement
Arc Voltage Measurement is an essential factor in choosing suitable plasma cutting consumables. It’s the unit of measurement between cutting material and electrode. It’s also directly proportional to the plasma arc. Higher the value of arc voltage measurement, the longer the arc. That’s the reason why you must be aware of it. You can check the measurement from the manual and set it.

The setting also includes the cut height as per the consumables. In case the consumables are old and torn, you have to maintain the distance manually.

Choosing the right plasma cutting consumables is essential, and you can achieve this by following the top five tips mentioned here. Following these tips can ensure top-notch cuts along with long consumable life. Here, we have mentioned the top five tips to select the right plasma-cutting consumables.

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Delights of Bakery and Patisserie: A Guide to Decadent Sweet Treats

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French bakeries, or boulangeries, are more than just a place to grab a quick snack. They are an integral part of French culture and daily life, offering a wide range of bread and pastries baked fresh on-site every day. Boulangeries are a testament to the French dedication to quality and taste, with each loaf of bread or pastry crafted with care and expertise.

Baguettes and pain de campagne, the quintessential French bread, are daily offerings in any boulangerie. But these bakeries extend beyond bread, offering a tantalizing array of pastries and viennoiseries. If you’re curious about what a viennoiserie is, be patient – we’ll delve into this delightful hybrid later!

While a boulangerie is primarily about bread, it doesn’t shy away from pastries. Some of the delicious treats you can find at a boulangerie include:

Flaky croissants
Choux pastry-filled éclairs
Pain au chocolat
Fruit tarts
A boulangerie might just surprise you with its selection of sweet and savory delights, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Therefore, stepping into a French bakery offers not only the soothing warmth of freshly baked bread but also the tempting indulgence of delicate breakfast pastries, each with its own unique French word to describe its deliciousness. As they sell pastries, you can enjoy a variety of flavors and textures to satisfy your cravings.

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How Can Fundraising Consulting Help Us Raise Money?

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If you need to hold a fundraiser and don’t know where to begin there is help out there for you. It is time for you to seek fundraising consulting advice especially if your fundraising event is going to be on a larger scale. Fundraising consulting will help you organize and take you through the steps to ensure your fund raising efforts will be successful.

A fundraising consultant will advise you where to start and the process you will have to go through to get where you’re going. Usually you know what you need the funds for but don’t know where the money will come from. All fundraising events start the same way regardless of if they are already established or something new. Using fundraising consulting services will help you add a professional look to your fund raising campaign.

The first advice you will get from a fundraiser consultant is that to start asking those closest to your organization for help. Depending on the size of the fund raising and your organization you will need the following: a board of directors, staff, volunteers, vendors, community businesses and individuals and finally a foundation. The second most important bit of advice you will receive from a fundraising consultant is never lose sight of the ones that started this with you. Start with those that are the closest to you to ask for help and stay with them throughout your fundraiser, these are the people that will get you through. They are your donors and will be critical to the success of your fundraiser.

A fundraising consultant will tell you that if you approach a new person for help, the first thing they will ask is what other sources of funding do you have. They will check to make sure where your support is coming from. If you have a strong support group it can go a long way in convincing someone that the fundraising is worth it. Through fundraising consulting, you will learn whom you can do business with. You will learn what vendors give donations and which ones don’t. If they don’t care to donate to your fundraising directly, they may give you a discount on your purchases.

Fundraising consulting is the only way to go when trying to organize on a large-scale project. The advice you will get from your fundraising consultant will mean more dollars in the end for your project. Once you establish a connection with a fundraising consulting service, you can use them for all your fundraising needs in the future.

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How Much Should I Pay My Advertising Consultant?

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As a consultant, that’s my standard answer. But I know it’s a bit more complicated than that. Hourly rates run the gamut from $50 to $500. Some are worth it and some aren’t. You could probably say the same about your attorney, accountant, and physician. Each is an expert that should be looking out for your self-interest. After all, if you’re successful, then they benefit.

But advertising is a different animal. Let’s use the auto mechanic as an example. The car is running rough. You bring it in and the guy tells you it needs an engine overhaul. You trust him to do the right thing and, the next day, you pick up your vehicle. He presents you with a bill detailing all the work and you write a check. Hopefully, it’s working well now and you’re both happy.

Compare that with advertising. Your business is slow and you hire a consultant. He reviews your current campaign and makes a recommendation. You acknowledge that he or she is the professional and let them run the show. A month or so goes by and business is still bad. You come back and demand a refund. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. Unlike the car, that you could return and have more work done to correct the problem, the marketing cost has already been chewed up by the media. There is nothing to return or refund. Is it the consultant’s fault? It depends. Did you overreact expecting miracles? Perhaps.

If the consultant only got paid for results, that would be like a doctor only getting paid if he cured you. The doctor prescribes a course of treatment with medications according to his best estimates and using his vast expertise of prior cases. If the treatment fails, the doctor still gets paid. He might then try another type of action and still gets paid for that as well.

Marketing is of a similar ilk. The consultant makes a recommendation based on a history or case studies that produced certain results for specific companies. It’s rather like picking stocks based on previous performance. They may or may not perform as expected, but what else does the consultant have to use for their proposal? Each campaign comes with that caveat and the business owner must understand that risk in advance.

So, when it comes to how much the consultant should be paid, it’s more of an exercise in ROI, or return on investment. If he succeeds and helps the business prosper, what is that worth? If he fails, has he really damaged the business or just not helped it do better? I would never blame a good marketing consultant for a business failure. There are usually many other factors involved. Furthermore, a reasonable charge for services rendered could be an hourly rate that is competitive with other consultants or a flat fee based upon a schedule of the projected work required.

Under no circumstances should the consultant charge a percentage of the business profits gained. This borders on unethical behavior and can lead to numerous problems, including violation of the privacy of the business’s accounting. Check their credentials and references first, as you would for anyone you are considering before making an important decision. You’ll have a good feel for the person and whether you’re a good match. Then give them all the information they require and allow them to prescribe the best treatment. Hopefully you and you’re business will be happy and healthy.

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Colour Consultations – With Image Consultants For An Instant Slimmer Healthier Look!

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Psychologists have suggested that colour can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of any product or service and this includes the colours you wear.

In fact, the colours you wear can make you instantly look slimmer and healthier!

More people than ever before are taking advantage of colour consultations, to project a better image.

Colour consultations can show you the best colours to wear to make you look slimmer, healthier and create a positive impression on everyone you meet.

Colour consultations with image consultants are growing in popularity and when you consider the following fact you will understand why:

We react to colour before ANYTHING else, and that’s why it’s so important.

We react to colour on instinct.

We all act on instinct to colour, and in many instances our responses to colour can help us survive. For example, if you were swimming in the sea, and saw a large grey object swimming toward you, and could not see the object only the colour, you probably swim away as fast as possible.

Grey in this instance immediately triggers a danger response, the object could be a shark and colour signals danger.

colours and what we associate them with

As society has developed it has reinforced our association with certain colours to trigger a response. Ever wondered why the uniforms of so many police or armed forces personnel and even traffic wardens are black or dark blue?

The reason is that these colours signify power and authority. Go into a Hospital or dentist waiting room, and you will often see pale green, usually because of its soothing, relaxing impact. Take a road sign, traffic light or warning notice, see red and you know you probably need to be cautious. In conclusion, each and everyday of our lives we react to colour in some shape or form.

Colour and your image

We all react to colour, and can use the influence of colour to our advantage, to create a positive impression.

If you’ve never really thought much about how much of an influence colour has on your life, then its time to start. Understanding what different colours mean to other people, and how to use these colours to enhance your image, will help you gain more from your life.

This is what a colour consultation is all about, getting more from life

Consider this simple fact; around 60% of clothes sold in the UK are black.

The reason for this is that black can be used both formally and informally to great effect.

Wearing colours to make an impact

Wearing black formally suggests elegance, strength, authority and power. If you have to attend a business interview, black is always a great colour. In Western culture, if worn in the right way, then in a formal setting, it will trigger a positive response.

Now consider wearing red to business meeting. While many people like red as a colour, many may not, as it can be viewed as over the top, attention grabbing, and sometimes even confrontational.

When worn properly, in any situation, black clothing conveys neatness and simplicity.

Black may be seen as a safe colour, but it is extremely effective if worn in the right way, to trigger a positive response.

Colour consultantions can make you look slimmer & healthier!

A trained image consultant when giving you a colour consultation will not of course recommend you wear just black. They will help you choose the best colours to use in relation to your complexion, hair colour and build.

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Home Business Start-up – Relocation Consultant

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The Relocation Consultant Home Business

Vital Information:

o Start-up Investment: $300-$700 (advertising costs)

o Break-even time Two weeks to one year

o Estimate of Annual Revenue and Profit: $15,000-$25,000 Part time $40,000-$50,000 Full Time

Who needs a Relocation Consultant?

o a single parent who has a demanding job with working hours that directly conflict with apartment or home rental research, would find the services useful.

o Workers who have been replaced or who are going to be relocated.

o People who are returning to work from an extended stay away, due to an injury or illness.

o Companies who are expanding or relocating.

o Companies who have traveling employees.

o People living in heavily populated cities.

What does a Relocation Consultant do?

A Relocation Consultant’s duties consists of locating neighborhoods, apartment and home dwellings, childcare services, religious organizations and selecting a moving company for individuals, families, and employees for relocating businesses.

More specifically, as companies continue to downsize and or relocate, there’s a growing need for the services provided by a Relocation Consultant.

Often, companies contract with Relocation Consultants so that the consultant’s services are readily accessible in the event that an employee or numerous employees are relocated.

The Relocation Consultant will match an employer or an employees’, living requirements and requests as closely as possible.

Additionally, a Relocation Consultant’s services are solicited for individual’s who are relocating for reasons other than employment.

Many individual’s seek the services of a Relocation Consultant due to time restrictions which prevent them from locating desired living arrangements.

Getting started in the Relocation Consultant Business

o Advertising your Business

Run Classified ads and 1-2 inch ads in newspapers and magazines in both the Metro areas as well as suburban areas. Good examples are Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York….

Internet Classifieds work well also.

Consider leaving brochures at various Hotels and Motels.

o Tips for running a Successful Relocation Business

One of the keys to success in this business is your ability to network with others around the country.

Successful Networking will provide you with the ability to thoroughly examine an area prior to running advertisements.

So…it’s important to develop business relations the country. Of course, the internet and email provide the perfect vehicle for this type of relationship building.

Understand that your learning curve NEVER ENDS. You will need to regularly develop your business skills. Don’t be fooled into thinking that “a good product sells itself.”

“Consumers buy you” is what I used to teach to my telemarketers.

I’ve listed on my site, a few Home Business Courses to get you off to a good start.

Don’t stop there. Continue to research and develop skill.

For example, I dedicate at least 5 hours weekly toward increasing my personal business building techniques.

o Visit the Relocation Council.

This Organization has been in operation for a number of years. They have a Newsletter and other training materials to help you to develop your skills.

On their site, you’ll notice that there is an option to become Certified. In the event that you decide that you want to expand your part time business into a full time career, having employees…you can prepare for your certification with the Relocation Council also.

erc.org 1-202 – 857- 0857

Note: When you are ready to begin larger ad campaigns, visit, Standard Rate and Data srds.com SRDS has a database of media rates for at least 100,000 publications.

The Relocation Consultant Work At Home Business is a very inexpensive Business to start. It’s fairly straight forward and it has the potential to create a full time income while working part time. This one is Really worth considering.

o If you decide that this is the Work from Home business opportunity for you, continue reading our Ezine for continued Home Business Start-Up’s since there will be ideas and information in each issue that you can tweak a little to benefit you within your Business of Choice.

To eliminate some trial and error, in our Ezine, also provide you with ongoing Small Business support…deals on business tools, marketing research information, and more.

o You will need to create a Business Plan if you are serious about creating a profitable Home Based Business.

I found a good Business Plan workbook that you will find quite useful. Writing Business Plans can be frustrating… I won’t lie. Thus Using a workbook and/or software is by far the popular choice for those who don’t want to pay $700-$1,500 to have one professionally prepared.

o Ensure that you take your business to the internet. I’ve evaluated a few web hosting Companies and I’ve listed their advantages as well as their disadvantages. You’ll also find discount computer hardware locations.

You may find that marketing your business using RSS is an unthinkable opportunity to overlook. You’re right. I’ve listed free RSS readers and software that you can use To get your feeds up and going WITHOUT the need of studying all the techie stuff. Just visit our Resource Page.

If you have not read AND STUDIED, the World’s Famous, “Think And Grow Rich”, you can receive it Free:

This is a must read. Creating a proper mind-set is critical. In addition to your studying your business, you will need to develop a mind for business.

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Internet Marketing Consultant

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The internet marketing business has flourished rapidly in recent years due to the increased volume of online shopping. Therefore, many internet based businesses have begun to mushroom, most of them owned by novices who are eager to grab a slice of the lucrative internet marketing business. With its 24-hour operability, international presence and low start up costs, an internet business seems to be the key for exponential business growth.

However, with stiff competition over the internet, many business owners do not have the capability and knowledge to make their site sell. Even if a site is beautifully designed complete with inventory listings and shopping cart facilities, it would be a total failure if the site is unable to generate adequate internet traffic.

This is where the services of an internet marketing consultant come in. The business of an Internet marketing consultant would be to help clients increase web traffic to their internet sites. This can be done in a variety of ways such as through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising or affiliate marketing. Although many website owners may be familiar with these concepts, they may lack the time and expertise to do it the correct way. An internet marketing consultant would be able to apply the appropriate strategies for websites to create the needed traffic and increase sales in the process.

Start Up Costs and Financing Sources:
The core of an internet marketing consulting business is highly dependent on the skills and efforts of the business owner. In fact, as the business is service based, the start-up costs are relatively low as no inventories are required. However, the business owner will need to obtain education, skills and expertise in the area of internet marketing before he can start the business. This can be obtained from self-study in the area of internet marketing, attending a seminar or a course on this area or by working for a mentor who is an expert.

Thus, the start-up costs for this business would primarily be for the cost of education which may vary from $500 to $10,000 depending on the type of education received. A marketing website would be essential to your services as an internet consultant. This would probably cost you another $1000 – $2000 for website development and server space maintenance and support.

In order to obtain financing, a business plan should be drafted to indicate the growth potential of the business including a sound marketing plan. With this, the plan can be used to obtain funding for the business either from commercial lenders or venture capitalists.

Pricing Guidelines for Service:
The pricing for internet marketing consulting can vary greatly depending on the source of internet traffic, advertising efforts required as well as the keywords of the site that would need to be optimized. This is due to the fact that some more common keywords may require more work from the internet marketing consultant in order to produce the expected results.

Advertising such as pay per click can also vary depending on the maximum number of clicks that the site owner has preset. Other areas of concern are the current marketing strategies that the site owner is already implementing, in which an analysis needs to be done by the internet business consultant to determine what is working and what isn’t.

Some internet business consultants charge their clients based on the additional sales generated by their strategies. They may charge based on a percentage of increased sales from the site over a period of time, which is a more justified method of charging the client.

As a rule of thumb, internet marketing consultants can start their charges from $80 an hour just for consulting services alone.

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Benefits of Medical Consulting

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With a medical consulting firm behind you, you will benefit from the intelligence, creativity and wisdom of a broad network of experts in the health care industry. Many employ leaders and experienced professionals in practice management, home health agency development, accreditation, pain management, orthopedic surgery, ambulatory surgery center development, insurance contract negotiation, and hospital administration. They know health care and deliver results. It’s a passion, a mission, and for most, their previous careers.

Many consulting firms specializes in medical staff development and tailored needs assessments. They work with you to develop a specialized, strategic medical staff plan that will fit your medical practice, home health agency, surgery center, or hospital. Offering comprehensive services to all sectors of the health industry to include new providers, managed care organizations, and emerging health care companies it is easy to see how this could benefit any health care provider.

Insuring that your health care providers spend less time struggling with administration and spend more time treating their patients.


In many cases, members from Teams of Experts work as interim Directors or CEOs while your organization conducts a search for a full time Executive.

They will also assist clients with Executive searches and contract negotiations, assist Medical Practices and Hospitals with nursing and physician recruitment efforts. Consulting Firms expert teams are up to date on national health care trends and will negotiate employment terms with potential new hires on your behalf.

Whether you are in search of a chief executive officer, a senior executive, vice president, physician or nurse, our recruitment team has a national network, talent and technology to match the right candidate to your organization’s mission and culture a consulting firm is the way to go.


While most health care consulting needs are not considered urgent. In situations where the viability and reputation of your entire organization is at stake, immediate intervention by a skilled expert is crucial.

Experts are often ready to assist you and be on site within a forty eight hour window. Levels of responsiveness includes assessing the situation, developing a plan and participating in the implementation of the plan. Experts will work side by side with your team and if necessary, even direct your team when needed.


Experts are often veteran health care executives who are ready to tackle such issues as:

• Financial loss

• Imminent RAC audit

• Reportable patient safety or compliance issues

• Immediate jeopardy of accreditation, certification or licensure

• Loss of key physician, senior executive or key employee

When faced with a challenging situation for the first time, it helps to be guided by someone who has been there before.

Medical consultants are supported by the collective experience of our entire network of veteran health care executives. It’s this team approach that will stabilize your organization in a time of crisis.

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How Color Consultation Helps Your Interior Design?

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Your home outspokenly expresses your taste and persona. It depicts your mood, image and thinking. Most importantly, colors play an indispensable role when it comes to your interior design, as they have the tendency to enhance the look of your home. Color consultants are responsible to help you opt for the right combination that best suits your style. Since, most people are not satisfied with their choice; therefore consultation will be the prudent decision for an interior design. This article will highlight why color consultation is important and how it helps to change the entire aura of your home.

Color Consultation – A Sensible Decision!

Taking the help of an interior decorator regarding color schemes will play an effective role in enhancing the entire vibe of your home. Professional interior decorators have detailed and astute knowledge about proper coloring etiquette and schemes. These professionals work with systemic and coordinated tactics and come with complete research and analysis and provide best color schemes for home decoration according to your style and taste.

Selecting a Scheme – Liven Up Your Interior Design!

Choosing the right and appropriate coloring scheme is an important aspect of interior decoration. A coloring consultant will describe how to select an apposite color scheme for your interior design to bring out a fresh feel in every room. The color consultant will inform you about various color tones; as various color tones can create a different and unique aura in your home.

> Warm tones such as red, pink, yellow, orange can bring a revitalizing sensation and tend to heave our energy levels.
> Cool tones such as green, blue and purple can usually create quite calming and relaxing environment.
> Neutral color schemes like white, gray, black or brown are usually found soothing and relaxing and can best work in your interior decoration.
> Dark color tones either warm or cool can generally make a room feel smaller, but with combination of light colors can make the room appear larger.

Exhilarating Coloring Tones – Enhance your Interior Design

As colors have a very profound effect on home decor, therefore proper consultation will help you to produce an innovative feel in the entire home. Color is the most noticeable feature of every room and requires an artistic and stylish approach. Therefore, proper consultation is needed for selecting appropriate tones for the walls, flooring, kitchen, living & drawing room. Warm coloring effects will best suit on highly-interactive places like kitchen and living rooms, similarly for bedrooms and bathrooms, cool colors will be the most appropriate choice to produce a relaxed feel.

The psychology of coloring is very perceptive and unique and creates a significant impact on people’s reaction. They tend to bring out certain emotions, moods and even physical feelings. Because of this impact, it is indispensable to opt for the right and appropriate scheme to improve your interior design.

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