Colour Consultations – With Image Consultants For An Instant Slimmer Healthier Look!

Psychologists have suggested that colour can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of any product or service and this includes the colours you wear.

In fact, the colours you wear can make you instantly look slimmer and healthier!

More people than ever before are taking advantage of colour consultations, to project a better image.

Colour consultations can show you the best colours to wear to make you look slimmer, healthier and create a positive impression on everyone you meet.

Colour consultations with image consultants are growing in popularity and when you consider the following fact you will understand why:

We react to colour before ANYTHING else, and that’s why it’s so important.

We react to colour on instinct.

We all act on instinct to colour, and in many instances our responses to colour can help us survive. For example, if you were swimming in the sea, and saw a large grey object swimming toward you, and could not see the object only the colour, you probably swim away as fast as possible.

Grey in this instance immediately triggers a danger response, the object could be a shark and colour signals danger.

colours and what we associate them with

As society has developed it has reinforced our association with certain colours to trigger a response. Ever wondered why the uniforms of so many police or armed forces personnel and even traffic wardens are black or dark blue?

The reason is that these colours signify power and authority. Go into a Hospital or dentist waiting room, and you will often see pale green, usually because of its soothing, relaxing impact. Take a road sign, traffic light or warning notice, see red and you know you probably need to be cautious. In conclusion, each and everyday of our lives we react to colour in some shape or form.

Colour and your image

We all react to colour, and can use the influence of colour to our advantage, to create a positive impression.

If you’ve never really thought much about how much of an influence colour has on your life, then its time to start. Understanding what different colours mean to other people, and how to use these colours to enhance your image, will help you gain more from your life.

This is what a colour consultation is all about, getting more from life

Consider this simple fact; around 60% of clothes sold in the UK are black.

The reason for this is that black can be used both formally and informally to great effect.

Wearing colours to make an impact

Wearing black formally suggests elegance, strength, authority and power. If you have to attend a business interview, black is always a great colour. In Western culture, if worn in the right way, then in a formal setting, it will trigger a positive response.

Now consider wearing red to business meeting. While many people like red as a colour, many may not, as it can be viewed as over the top, attention grabbing, and sometimes even confrontational.

When worn properly, in any situation, black clothing conveys neatness and simplicity.

Black may be seen as a safe colour, but it is extremely effective if worn in the right way, to trigger a positive response.

Colour consultantions can make you look slimmer & healthier!

A trained image consultant when giving you a colour consultation will not of course recommend you wear just black. They will help you choose the best colours to use in relation to your complexion, hair colour and build.

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