4 things that can make a small office space look bigger

However, to help you figure out how to make the most of your workspace, we have set out 4 different ways that are:

1) Keep the space clutter-free

Often piles of paper generate clutter and mounts around your desk, on top of cupboards and almost everywhere you lay your eyes. At an office that is already lacking space, this can be its downfall, making it look and feel smaller than it already is. It is of paramount importance to keep things clean and throw away or shred things that are not necessary.

However, we understand that some documents still need to exist in hard form, especially those that contain important and sensitive information. Such documents can be stored online or back them up on USB or hard drives.

2) Add some colour to the room

Different colours have different effects. For instance, blue has calming effects and yellow is often related to positive energy and happiness. Several office architects in Mumbai suggest when opting for colours, keep in mind how it can affect the place and make you feel. Opting for dark colours can make the space feel even smaller, so steer away from such colours and maybe opt for white or blue as they create a sense of being fresh and open.

However, when thinking of flooring consider the opposite. Darker the better as it makes the floor appear to extend further than it actually does.

3) Make room for light, be it natural or artificial

Poor light can lead to a very similar effect as dark colours, it makes the workplace look smaller than it is. If your aim is for the office to look bigger, make sure that there is immense light. Be it artificial or natural. However, when installing additional lighting, make sure to pick wall lights. Although floor lamps can look aesthetically pleasing, they take up space which is something you don’t want.

4) Mirrors can create the illusion of light and space

In case you did not know, a simple mirror can have an immense effect on the workplace. It not only creates an illusion of space, but the mirror can also make the room look brighter by reflecting light. Office architects in Mumbai suggest that before installing the mirror, the size and shape of it should be considered.

Final Note

Trying to make the office space appear longer and bigger doesn’t have to cost the earth, opt for the above-mentioned points and see the difference. You can also seek help from some of the best office architects in Mumbai to gain a better understanding.

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